Wednesday, September 24, 2008

One Pizzaiolo, two cups: Spatula practice with Enzo Coccia

So my pizzas still aren't round. How do I know this? Because Enzo, the master-pizzaiolo at La Notizia, screams "non va bene!" in my ear every time I make an egg shaped dough. "Making the dough is not like massaging a woman, Gustavo" he says standing behind me. "You need more force. Piu forte! PIU FORTE!" How do my fingertips, the only part of my hands that should be applying pressure, gain more strength? Finger push-ups against the wall, of course. 
Besides finger push-ups we started another exercise today; working with the pizza spatula. Twenty minutes after working on proper foot stance, arm placement, and wrist flicking, Enzo brings us two plastic cups filled to the brim with water. Thinking that he has rewarded us for our hard work, I say "grazie". He gives me a look that says we are far from be finished. Check out this video to see our new exercise:
We worked in rotations of tens. Each of us had to slide the pizza in between the cups at a perfect angle. If a drop was spilled, we'd have to start over. Tomorrow, Enzo says we get to stick the spatula in the actual oven. 


googlelix said...

Keep it coming man or are they wearing you those snots down? A tongue with no bones in it, can crush bones. Shoot.

googlelix said...

Ride Captain, ride. Arghhhh....

Jackarg said...

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basha said...

gus gives great messages so i don't see what the problem is

Benno said...

Gusdude. Can you understand what the people in that video are saying? Just wondering, because I couldn't. Italian is hard.

Augie Hoffman said...


Fake it til you make it.