Sunday, June 14, 2009

The Salted Espresso is back

Hello all,
After a five month hiatus, the Salted Espresso is back. I returned from my Neapolitan pizza excursion in January, spent a few months pizza consulting for a pizzeria in tucson (supposedly, there actually is a market for pizza consultants), and now have moved to New York City, the world's second biggest pizza capital. 
I'm very excited to be here and try all the pizza New York has to offer. If neapolitan pizza boasts tradition, new york pies boast innovation. I already heard about a cajun black chicken pizza and, believe it or not, a watermelon pizza. I can't wait to try them all.
     If the New Yorkers out there have any suggestions on pizzerias to review (and I know you must have suggestions), please leave me a comment. I will happily try any slice of pie.

Places I'm planning on visiting/reviewing:
De Fara's 
Grimaldi's under the Brooklyn bridge
Una Pizza Neapolitana

Please note that I am not looking solely for neapolitan style pizza. That would be a waste. I want those New York slices!

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bb said...

you really, really have to add totonno's to that list when the original coney island location reopens (they are recovering from a fire they had a few months ago).